How std::span changes C++ fundamentally

In C++, we have all sorts of std containers, such as vector. Normally, when we work with vectors, we also pass them around by reference, and vectors of course own their data in a contiguous way. When a vector is passed to a function, we pass it by reference: In C++20, there is a newContinue reading “How std::span changes C++ fundamentally”

Software development and sneaky algorithms

So I have been engineering my own neural network technology for some time, and I’ve been running tests and experiments sometimes. What I have discovered about backrpopagation, is that, when there are errors in backpropagation algorithm, they may not break backpropagation completely. It can work in partial completeness or with some amount of errors, toContinue reading “Software development and sneaky algorithms”

The smallest xor network and lottery ticket

I am creating networks that are: two input nodes, x*y hidden nodes, and one output node. The ability to create these networks has to do with some odds which are based on the initial state of the starting network pool. I have a pool of 2000 networks which are randomly generated, and I try toContinue reading “The smallest xor network and lottery ticket”