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CefGui is a GUI for Ogre3D. It’s rendered using Chromium (HTML/Javascript/Embedded Browser), though, via a project called Cef3. It’s sort of a MVP ( minimal viable product) right now, rather than an amaze-balls API. It’s all fairly simple and uses Ogre-Next. To get it to work you will either need to build the Cef3 Binaries yourself or get them from somewhere, maybe my github. I like it a lot as I didn’t have to write any GUI-generating code or learn anything except some stuff about Cef3. It supports navigating to local pages and using resources on disk, and also navigating and using stuff on the network or internet. There is a easy system for talking between Javascript and C++.

Getting CefGui

Getting Cef3 binaries setup

Working with CefGui


Ogre3D is an open-source 3D-graphics engine, aka: Object-Oriented-Graphics-Rendering-Engine.

Getting Ogre3D

Setting up Ogre3D

Working with Ogre3D

My ingredients are caught from sustainable sources.

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