Spot C++

I feel like when it comes to C++ there is a lot of misunderstanding of what it is, what it can be and how it should be. The average programmer just doesn’t know C++ very well, even though they may use it a lot. C++ is huge and old, has legacy stuff and brand new stuff, it is so expressive and powerful, it can be low level and high level – it can be beautiful – C++ can be everything and anything. I want people to know more about C++ and I’m going to be writing about it here.

My name is Nicholas Komsa and this blog is going to be about C++ programming. Ways I think programming should be done, could be done or learned better. Specific topics I want to write about include:

  • learning C++ from scratch
  • modern C++ style and programming
  • game programming
  • random projects
  • interview questions
  • other stuff useful to programmers.

While I really want to jump into writing about modern C++ programming, I feel like starting with something that I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I’m going to talk about how programming and computers work – using a combination of C++ and inline assembly. This topic is going to explain concepts such as :

  • what a program is
  • how the stack and memory works
  • how functions work
  • how pointers work
  • how math works

The post will be accessible to beginner programmers and useful to more experienced programmers.

I clearly have my work cut out for me if I’m going to accomplish writing about all of this stuff in an effective manner. Stay tuned for the upcoming post on said topic and Subscribe!

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